Could Postbiotics Help Boost Your Immune System?

Could Postbiotics Help Boost Your Immune System?
Jul 2022

You probably already know about probiotics (beneficial microbes in foods like yogurt, kefir, and kimchi), and you might even know about prebiotics (usually fiber, which feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut). But now there's a new piece to the gut-microbiome jigsaw puzzle: postbiotics.
As the theory goes, gut bacteria help regulate many facets of human health, from digestion to immune response. However, some scientists say it's not necessarily just live bacteria that are good for you. According to recent research, inert microorganisms we call postbiotics can also provide significant and overlapping benefits.

One such postbiotic is IMMUSE(TM), an award-winning, heat-treated ingredient made of inert cells of a special strain of lactic acid bacteria called LC-Plasma. In recent studies, IMMUSE(TM) has shown promising improvements in immune response.
But before we get into exactly how it works, let's cut to the chase: There are a ton of supplements on the market, many of which make some pretty dubious claims. A vast number of these products have no clinical research backing them up. That makes some people wary of taking supplements.
But that doesn't mean supplements can't significantly affect your health and wellbeing. It just means you have to do your due diligence to sort out the clinically tested, research-backed options from the rest. That's where we can help.
?>IMMUSE(TM) was first discovered and cultivated by scientists well over ten years ago. At the time, they knew about these things called plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs), which live in the gut and function as sort of a supreme commander of the immune system. It's the pDCs that sound the alert and throw the immune system into high gear to fight off infections. Researchers figured that if they could discover an ingredient that could flip that switch, it could give the body a head start and support a faster immune response. After testing hundreds of possibilities, they found exactly what they were looking for: inert cells of LC-Plasma, now the active ingredient in IMMUSE(TM).
Over the past several years, IMMUSE(TM) has been the subject of 29 studies--including 14 human clinical trials. The verdict? LC-Plasma is not only safe to take in recommended doses but it's also effective for a variety of populations, from children to adults to serious athletes.
Of course, it's best to let the studies speak for themselves. The first human trials were in 2013. During one study, research subjects took a daily yogurt drink containing LC-Plasma and experienced fewer days of symptoms compared with subjects taking a placebo. In 2015 and 2016, studies showed that participants who consumed inert LC-Plasma cells saw even more benefits than just fewer days of symptoms. Researchers found the subjects also exhibited positive changes in immune markers that indicate a healthy immune response.
Taking IMMUSE(TM) could also help with athletic performance. In a small 2018 trial, researchers found that college-age athletes taking LC-Plasma experienced less fatigue, better immune markers, and fewer symptoms than the control group.
Now, after more than a decade of research, IMMUSE(TM) has been embraced by a variety of leading supplement manufacturers. It's a key ingredient in BetterBrand's BetterLungs Immunity formula, which is designed to support respiratory health. You'll also find IMMUSE(TM) in Glaxon's Super Greens Immune powder, and in IMMUSE(TM) Capsules from Nootropics Depot.
It's worth keeping in mind that research on postbiotics (and prebiotics and probiotics, for that matter) is ongoing. Over the coming years, scientists will continue working to help consumers zero in on the best ways to improve their health. In the meantime, as the studies on IMMUSE(TM) have shown, postbiotics are proving to be a promising new area of gut-health research. So if you're interested in trying something new to support your immune system--especially as the pandemic continues to affect communities worldwide--IMMUSE(TM) represents a safe, clinically tested place to start.
The latest breakthrough in immune health, IMMUSE(TM) is a cutting-edge postbiotic that activates multiple types of immune cells for stronger immune support you can rely upon 365 days a year. Backed by 29 published studies, IMMUSE(TM) provides unprecedented immune support by activating a rare subset of immune cells, called pDCs (plasmacytoid dendritic cells), which act as leaders of the immune system.

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